[print_company titel=“Karlsson“ vorstellung=“Karlsson provides health insurance products that are radically changing the market: Every person is different not only in character, but also in insurance needs. Yet still, there are only standardized product offerings available. We finally offer personalized health insurance tailored to your personality and needs, utilizing new data points to enable machine learning to guide individualized customer experiences.
We model health insurance so that it fulfils our customers’ expectations of a digital 21st century product: smart, mobile and simple to understand, always at the palm of your hand.
Karlsson does everything from explaining why health matters to matching a customer with their perfect coverage solution. Overall, customers don’t want to know all the details about their health insurance, they want peace of mind and comfort.“ eckdaten=“Gründungsjahr: 2017
Firmensitz: München“ kontakt=“Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich an …
Nikolas Noetzel
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