5 Fragen an Bdeo

Bdeo – das sechste am Claims Rockstar Award teilnehmende InsurTech – wurde 2017 von Julio Pernía und Manuel Moreno (oben im Bild) gegründet. Das Start-up hat sich vorgenommen die Versicherungsbranche zu revolutionieren, indem es die Kommunikation zwischen Versicherungsunternehmen und Kunden stärkt. Bdeo nutzt Visuelle Intelligenz, um Prozesse zu vereinfachen, Entscheidungen zu automatisieren und so Vertrauen zwischen beiden Parteien aufzubauen. Der Erfolg gibt ihnen Recht – inzwischen hat das Team Büros in Spanien, Großbritannien, Deutschland und Mexiko. Um dieser Internationalität Rechnung zu tragen, stellt sich Bdeo auch auf Englisch vor. Lest rein, wir sind auf jeden Fall schon sehr gespannt auf ihren Pitch!

What was the motivation for founding Bdeo?

Bdeo was founded in 2017 with the aim of transforming the insurance industry through Visual Intelligence. Thanks to the development of our technology we have been able to automate and optimise many of the processes of insurance companies, from policy underwriting to claims management.
Since 2017 we have focused on motor insurers and processes, but in 2021 we decided to start applying our technology to the water claims management processes of home insurance companies. We knew it was essential to provide a better and faster response to policyholders in situations that are far from straightforward, so we knew that our platform was the best solution to achieve this.

How are you revolutionising the insurance industry?

Our Visual Intelligence technology, supported by blockchain, geolocation and augmented reality, has managed to transform the insurance industry. Optimising company processes, making them much more efficient, giving a much faster response to policyholders and reducing costs, involving only the professionals necessary to solve the insured’s damage. In addition, we are able to offer key support to reduce the fraud that insurers suffer on an ongoing basis and which represents significant losses for them.

What are the particular strengths of your team?

We know what the main problems of insurers are, what their key pain points are. We work closely with them and have great industry experts on the team. In addition, all members of the Bdeo team strive to understand how the industry works and how we can help improve it. This gives us a much better understanding of why we do what we do and why we do it the way we do it.

What is the biggest success Bdeo has experienced since its foundation?

When we set out in 2017 to launch a solution capable of transforming the insurance industry, we never thought we would get to where we are today. By offering a totally disruptive solution to motor insurers, we were capable of using Visual Intelligence to automate a large part of their processes. And yet, we didn’t stop there.
We decided to adapt our product to different countries, with their different casuistry and different ways of operating. This has allowed us to offer a flexible platform capable of adapting to all companies‘ needs.
And finally, as I said before, in 2021 we decided to start offering our technology to the home insurance industry. An innovative solution that currently aims to make the processes of managing water damage claims much more efficient, but which in the coming months will also act on other types of claims: glass-ceramic hobs, windows, sanitary ware, etc.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face and how did you deal with it?

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge for Bdeo came with Covid-19. From one week to the next, we all had to start working remotely, adapting our dynamics, with the important challenge of growing the company and starting to work on a new product still ahead. This meant that our team had to be reinforced in many areas which, until then, had not existed in Bdeo: product, marketing, sales team for other countries… And now, looking back on it, we are aware that we have done quite well, and all thanks to the flexibility with which we have worked, adapting to the situation at the time and supporting each other, because we know that the most important thing about Bdeo is the team that shapes it.

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