Upcoming event: Global InsurTech Roadshow – 26./27.05.2020 – Leipzig

The Global InsurTech Roadshow is straight on its way towards its third edition in May 2020.

For the third time in a row, insurers, start-ups, investors, industry players and journalists will meet for an international exchange in a family atmosphere. This year, the New Players Network, the largest InsurTech network in the German-speaking area, is hosting the Global InsurTech Roadshow (GIR) for the first time.

Every year, the Global InsurTech Roadshow dives deep into the digital ecosystem of an InsurTech hotspot and brings its innovative players on stage to discuss innovations and technologies in the insurance sector. For the past two years, the focus has been on Singapore and Israel. 2020 will be characterized by the Baltic States.


The Baltic States: Digitization hub between Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have focused on change: numerous research institutions, a diverse higher education system and a high level of qualifications combined with the highest growth in Europe, the best public finances and a founder-friendly environment provide the optimal basis for technological change. The Baltic States represent a networked society and are the pioneers of digitization and data security. Reason enough to place this forward-looking economic region at the center of this year’s Global InsurTech Roadshow.

The aim of the event is to connect small and medium-sized insurers with international start-ups and innovative, technology-driven players as well as to initiate cooperation beyond national borders.


Our two-day event includes inspiring keynote presentations, pitch sessions, product demos and panel discussions with and from international InsurTechs, top-class insurance experts and industry-related entrepreneurs on innovations and relevant technologies in the industry.

On the first day, the focus will be on the insurance ecosystem of the Baltic States, innovative InsurTechs from the region and key players. In addition, we present technological innovations from all over the world, highlight interesting cooperation and first use cases as well as product demos that shape the insurance industry.

On the second day of the event, we will discuss their future relevance in parallel panels. Together with the speakers and other experts, the participants will be able to discuss the industry’s shattering technologies, such as AI or blockchain, in an application-oriented manner.


Marianne Kühne

Head of Innovation – New Players Network


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Dr. Moritz Finkelnburg
Founder & Chairman Global InsurTech Roadshow

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